Kashmir: While the whole world faces the COVID-19 pandemic and there are huge losses to the economic sector, two young entrepreneurs of Kashmir have made it big. Sami Ullah and Abid Rashid started a logistics company that caters to the specific needs of the people in the valley.

Their company ‘Fast Beetle’ is the fastest growing online business in Kashmir. While it promotes Kashmiri crafts, horticulture and other local stuff, it also packages and delivers them to homes across the world.

‘Fast Beetle’ claims to be the first logistics company in the valley that provides end-to-end services to entrepreneurs, specifically women. The two young entrepreneurs started the company last year.

Sheikh Sami Ullah, one of the entrepreneurs said, “We wanted to help the craftsmen, especially women entrepreneurs and people related to horticulture. We give full logistical support to them. We are at the moment helping more than 500 women who are related to craft etc. There are no such logistical companies here so we wanted to help”.

In the last one year, Fast Beetle has done over Rs 5 Crores business. They are one of the biggest growing companies in Kashmir Valley.

Since August last year Jammu Kashmir has had 2G internet. Taking this situation into consideration, the co-founder of Fast Beetle- Abid Rashid made the whole website and its services 2G internet friendly.

Abid Rashid said, “I am a tech guy and I knew we had to come up with something which would work on 2G. I have changed the bandwidth so that people can have easy access to our website and app.”

The two entrepreneurs have proved themselves despite the lack of good internet facilities and the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and have become an inspiration for all the other youth of the valley who want to become entrepreneurs and be successful in life.


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