Kashmir: The only political party which was formed after the revocation of Article 370, Apni Party – demonstrated its strength in Srinagar on Wednesday (December 16, 2020). Addressing around 1500 people just in front of the PDP office, the leaders of the party fiercely targeted the teams involved in the Gupkar alliance, including the PDP.

Jammu and Kashmir President of his party Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari said that people’s participation in the District Development Council (DDC) elections has changed the story of Kashmir and now it is clear that elections and the political issue of Kashmir are different things.

Speaking on the sidelines of his party’s first rally in Srinagar, Bukhari said, “The rally was attended by, businessmen, hoteliers, houseboat owners and other sections of society. We wanted to show that we are with different stakeholders of Kashmir.”

He said that a “narrative” was set by various political parties in Jammu and Kashmir that casting votes would change the Kashmir issue, but the massive participation of people in the DDC elections shows that the common people have felt that “elections and  Kashmir’s political issue are two different things and this is the biggest win of those elections They voted and it will work for development. It has nothing to do with the Kashmiri issue. “

Asked if he also blames the BJP for Kashmir’s mess, Bukhari said, “I hold the BJP also equal responsible as the NC PDP and Congress for the situation in Jammu and Kashmir”.

Bukhari said his party is nine-months-old since it was formed in March this year.  We have started to grow now and our party is very good and the way we are getting the support of the people, we have performed good in the DDC elections and today our party is everywhere.  We may not sweep in these elections but will leave our mark.

Bukhari said, “We do not claim that we will win the most in the DDC elections, but we will definitely leave our mark and make people feel our presence, saying PAGD is not a challenge for them, they get aligned with each other no we so who feel challenge”

On the assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir, the president of this party said, “D-Limitation Commission has been created, We have been told that elections are to be held after its report, I am hopeful that soon the Commission will give its report and election will be conducted”

“We will ensure that there is no injustice to any region or any district.  If any discrimination (in de-limitation) is found, I will be the first person, who will stand against it with my party, “Bukhari said.

This show of APNI party is being considered as an attempt to show his strength to other Regional parties including the PDP and NC, who call this party BJP’s B team. During the show the party did campaigned for DDC election and also made a fierce attack on other political parties of the valley.  Labelled NC PDP of doing politics of violence in Kashmir.

In this election meeting, people from different area of ​​Kashmir had come and in an around the gathering of 1500 party workers gathered who wanted change and wanted to end the dynasty politics.

Young Mukhtar, who had come to the rally said, “There was lack of the leadership till date but now we got it in Altaf Saheb. We want end of bloodshed that has happened in the last thirty years now we need to bring peace here. We feel that this is a change for peace.

Another supporter Sajad said, “It is up to the people to decide who will win. Our leaders are the people. People have seen work of our party leaders that’s why they are here. we want to end the dynasty rule.”

Apni Party formed in March 2020 is a group of leaders who have been in Kashmir politics for decades, this party has some big faces of Kashmir, who came out of PDP, NC, Congress who claim that they will do politics for a new change in Kashmir and and will take people and Jammu and Kashmir together on the road of peace and development.  But they being the old politicians of kashmir understand the politics of Kashmir too and so not forget to say that they will  stand up against everything that will not be in the interest of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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