New Delhi: A school boy in Odisha shared his ordeal about reaching late to school almost everyday as the bus that he takes leaves at a later time. 

In a series of tweet the little boy wrote about the hardship he has been facing and urged the transport department to help him by changing the bus schedule to an earlier time.

The response that he got has everyone on the internet shook.


Here’s what happened


The boy wrote: “Respected Sir, I want to state that I am a student of MBS public school, Bhubaneswar. I use Mo Bus as my daily transportation means to go to school. Nowadays the timing of the buses are changed. My reporting time at school is sharp at 7:30 AM. But unfortunately the first bus of route no-13 leaves at 7:40 AM from Lingipur. As a result I will be late for my school. And for this reason I am facing a lot of problems. So I would be grateful to You if You kindly look into the matter and take some immediate action. Yours Truly, Sai Anwesh A. Pradhan.”

In his tweet Sai tagged the Capital Region Urban Transport Bhubaneswar (CRUT) and its Managing Director, IPS officer Arun Bothra.

To which he got a response from both CRUT and Bothra informing him that his problem had been heard and that the mentioned bus time has indeed been changed to make sure he is not late school again.

Managing Director of CRUT, IPS officer Bothra wrote: “Mo Bus moves with love of commuters like you. The timing of your bus will be changed from Monday. The first bus will start at 7 AM. You won’t be late for school.”

The prompt response by the transport department and the IPS officer has won hearts online with people appreciating the prompt manner in which help was extended.

One Twitter user said, “Wow. Such responsive public service is rare. Thank you.”

While another said, “That’s how you resolve an issue… swift and prompt…. lots of love and respect sir P.S. : I’m from UP… still enjoying the positivity in the air of every nook and corner of my country.”

This user was all praises for the officer, he said, “All Public service men/women need to learn how to leverage social media to address public’s concerns from Arun Bothra sir.”

The Mo Bus services is a part of Odisha government-owned Capital Region Urban Transport’s (CRUT) ‘City Bus Modernisation’ programme. It had announced a change in its time-table, which was adversely affecting the student.

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