New Delhi: Union Minister Rajnath Singh reiterated his earlier statement calling farmers the backbone of the country and raised objection to people referring to the protesters as ‘Naxals’ and ‘Khalistanis’. 

Rajnath Singh also hit out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and said he doesn’t know anything about farming, the BJP minister told ANI.

Targeting Rahul over his attacks on the Centre over the three contentious farm laws, Singh said he knows more about farming as he was born in an agriculture family and his parents were both farmers.

“Rahulji is younger to me and I know more than him about agriculture. Because I have been born from womb of a farmer-mother. I am the son of a farmer and we cannot take decisions against the farmers. Our Prime Minister was also born from the womb of a poor mother. I want to say this only and there is no need to say anything else,” Rajnath Singh said.

The minister further once again said that the farm reform laws have been made in the interest of farmers and the farmers should let the laws be implemented for two years.

Singh even suggested that farmers should engage in a logical debate on every clause of the three farm bills with the government.

On the charges of farmers being branded as ‘Naxals’ and ‘Khalistanis’, Rajnath Singh said, “These allegations should not be made by anyone against farmers. We express our deepest respect towards our farmers. Our heads bow in deference and respect towards our farmers. They are our ‘annadatas’.”

Meanwhile, the Centre and the protesting farmers union leaders will resume stalled dialogue on Wednesday (December 30, 2020) with the latter sticking to their demand of repealing the three new farm laws and giving a legal guarantee on the MSP and other issues.

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