In a bid to end the ongoing farmers’ protests in India for the last 77 days and to fulfil the demand to create a separate nation named Khalistan, we have come up with an idea for the world. This idea is of a new nation and if a nation is made then the total number of countries in the world will change from 195 to 196 and this new country will be Khalistan. Most importantly, it will not be in Punjab.

There will be no need for any kind of movement to bring this country into existence. Violence and propaganda will not have to be resorted to, nor will roads have to be taken hostage for this and for this, our farmers will also not have to worry.

Only one signature of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is needed to bring this country into existence. If decided, then the world can get a new country named Khalistan and today we are going to challenge the Canadian PM. We want to tell them that if they are with the ongoing farmers’ movement in India, under the guise of which a handful of people sitting in Canada are adding fuel to the fire of the Khalistani Propaganda, then we think he should finalise the idea of ​​Khalistan.

In simple words, Justin Trudeau can fill the empty space of Khalistan and we want to help him in doing so. But before let us tell you about a video of the international conspiracy against India which came from California, USA. This video is of the match of a football league running there, named American Super Bowl League. During a match of this football league, a video related to the farmers’ protests was shown and it was claimed that so far 160 farmers in India have died due to the movement. It was also shown that 250 million people have joined this movement worldwide. Apart from this, it was also claimed in this video that farmers are being killed during the movement in India.

All these three claims are completely wrong and have been fabricated to discredit India as there is no official data about the death of farmers in the movement. Most importantly, the farmers’ movement in India is limited to a handful of people and so far the government’s attitude towards the agitating farmers has been soft. To understand this, pictures of the violence in Delhi on January 26 are enough as 400 police personnel were injured during the violence but they did not take any action against the farmers who committed the violence. It is all a part of propaganda.

We are constantly saying that the remote control of the farmers’ movement has passed into the hands of foreign forces and these forces are pouring money on it like water. During the football match that was shown on TV, USD 10,000 i.e. about Rs 7.5 lakh was spent and if this movement is not in the hands of foreign forces, then where is this money coming from?

The original video of the song whose lyrics have been used at the end of this video has used pictures of Khalistani Bhindranwale. That is, the wires of this advertisement are also directly connected to Khalistan and all this is being done from Canada. Therefore, now we want to tell you about the idea that the farmer movement will also end and the demand for a separate country named Khalistan will be fulfilled. Why can’t Canada declare a province there as Khalistan?

Canada is the second-largest country in the world after Russia in terms of area and Canada has a total population of only three and a half crores. According to this, the total population of six countries like Canada can live in Uttar Pradesh. The total population of Uttar Pradesh at present is 200 million and the total population of India is around 135 million. Canada has a lot of lands and the number of people living on this land is also very less and that’s why we want that Canada, which can keep the idea of ​​Khalistan by feeding vitamin pills and keeping it healthy, can create a new country in its own country called Khalistan. 

The largest province of Canada in terms of area is British Columbia which is spread over an area of ​​24 lakh 46 thousand 852 square kilometres whereas the total area of ​​the state of Punjab is 50 thousand 362 square kilometres. The British Columbia province of Canada alone can accommodate 49 states like Punjab and most importantly, British Columbia is the only province of Canada where most Sikhs live. The total population of Sikhs in this province is more than 2 lakh and they are 4.6 per cent of the total population.

Now we want to say here to the Canada PM why they do not declare a part of British Columbia or this entire province as Khalistan? By doing this, Canada will not do much harm. Even if a part of British Columbia is broken up and made a new country named Khalistan, Canada will still remain the second-largest country in terms of area. This will also fulfil the demand for Khalistan.

The total Sikh population in Canada is around 5 lakhs whereas in India this number is 28 million. If we look at the population of Sikhs in the total population of both countries, the Sikhs in Canada are 1.4 per cent and Sikhs are 1.7 per cent of the total population of India. There is not much difference between India and Canada in this ratio and this is the reason that Canada has become the epicentre of Khalistani propaganda against India.

Even if Canada does not want to declare British Colombia as Khalistan, it does not have to be disappointed. We want to tell you about another three provinces of Canada where Sikhs have a population of thousands. The first of these is Ontario, where the Sikhs have a population of about 1,80,000 and most importantly, a total of 121 MPs from this province reach the Canada Parliament, out of which 10 MPs are Sikhs. So Ontario can also be a good option to fill the empty space of Khalistan.

The second province is Alberta, where the population of Sikhs is more than 50,000 and three Sikh MPs from the same region have also reached the Parliament of Canada. That is, this province can also be a good choice to make a country named Khalistan. The third province is Quebec, where the population of Sikhs is only 9,000 but it is important that a Sikh MP from this province also reaches the Canadian Parliament.

So we told you about the provinces of Canada, by declaring one of them as Khalistan, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau can solve many problems. By doing this, they can also win the hearts of the farmers of India who demand Khalistan. That is, Khalistan’s demand is just a signature away and it has to be signed by PM Trudeau and we feel that doing so will suit his politics too. That is because the total number of seats in the Parliament of Canada is 338, out of which 18 seats are MPs, Sikhs.

Sikhs hold 5.33 per cent in Canada’s Parliament. In the October 2019 election in Canada, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won 157 seats i.e. they got 13 seats less than the majority. He then had to seek the support of the party of the New Democratic Party, which won 24 seats in the election and with this support only managed to form the Trudeau government. If the New Democratic Party withdraws its support today, the Government of Canada will fall and the party with which the Trudeau government of Canada is running, it is the same party of MP Jagmeet Singh.

In 2013, the then Indian government had cancelled visa of Jagmeet Singh and the investigating agencies had said that he was associated with Khalistani organizations. That is, if Jagmeet Singh wants, he can also put pressure on Trudeau to create Khalistan in Canada.

Let’s further explain how the idea of ​​Khalistan is kept healthy with vitamin pills with the help of a document titled ‘Khalistan-A Project of Pakistan’. This is a research paper published by Canada’s Think Tank–The Macdonald Laurier Institute in September 2020. It states that Khalistan is actually an agenda sponsored by Pakistan against India, which may threaten the security and sovereignty of both India and Canada.

Milewski, who wrote it, says that Khalistan is actually a blatant fantasy based on the principle of religious hysteria, which is causing the loss of many innocent people and its upbringing is the political opportunistic people and leaders of Canada. It also tells about the alliance of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and Khalistan. It states that the support of Khalistan may be limited in India but work is done to strengthen it in Pakistan and for this terrorist organizations have formed alliances with Sikh separatists.

Pakistan’s Khalistani terrorist Gopal Singh Chawla has been seen in pictures with Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai attack. According to this research paper, Gopal Singh Chawla has described Hafiz Saeed as his inspiration. Gopal Singh Chawla uses the term ‘Ideal Person’ for Hafiz Saeed. In another photo, Talwinder Parmar, who blew up a 1985 Air India Kanishka aircraft in a bomb blast that killed 329 people is seen with weapons in the city of Dara, Pakistan.

A map published by the Khalistani organization Sikhs for Justice in 2019 is based on the core imagination of Khalistan. In this map, the total parts of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan are said to be part of Khalistan, while not a single part of Pakistan’s Punjab province is included in it. The city of Lahore from which Maharaja Ranjit Singh ran his Sikh empire is not shown in this map and not only Nankana Sahib where Gurunanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism was born, is also kept separate from this map. Through this map, you can understand the alliance of Khalistan and Pakistan. It also shows that their honesty is not related to the history and culture of the Sikhs. They are only pushing the Pakistani agenda

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