AAP leader and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia claimed that the Aam Aadmi Party will form the next government in Uttar Pradesh with a win in the next state assembly elections.

The Education Minister challenged that only AAP can improve education and health facilities in Uttar Pradesh.

Accepting the challenge of open debate on the issue of education on behalf of ministers in Uttar Pradesh Sisodia announced that he would be in UP on Tuesday, December 22 and that he is ready to have debate with anyone.

Sisodia said that he is coming to Lucknow on Tuesday, December 22 and is ready to hold an open debate on education issues from either the Chief Minister of UP or any other minister.

In a digital press conference on Wednesday (December 16, 2020), deputy CM Manish Sisodia reiterated Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s announcement on AAP contesting assembly elections in UP. 

CM Arvind Kejriwal had said that the situation in UP regarding health, electricity and water is very bad.  Kejriwal’s claims were challenged by UP’s education and health ministers, to which Sisodia said the condition of schools will not improve by praising the government. 

Only by giving training, facility and authority to the school principals can the condition of schools be improved, he pointed out. 

Speaking about a report by the Niti Aayog, the Deputy CM said that even the commission reported that many government schools in UP have become a stable. 

As many as 50 thousand schools in UP do not have furniture, 35 thousand schools do not have boundary walls, 60 thousand schools do not have electricity, thousands of schools do not have separate toilets for women and men. Some do not even have drinking water arrangements. 

Sharing information about Delhi’s the government schools, Sisodia said that Delhi’s AAP-led government has allotted 25 per cent of its total budget to the education sector. 

It is the only state government in the history to allot such a high percentage of its budget on education. 

The AAP has improved the infrastructure of schools in Delhi. They have spent money on renovating old schools and brought respect to the teachers as a profession. 

The educators from the state were sent to Finland, Harvard, Cambridge, Germany and Singapore for training and as a result the pass percentage of students of class 12 from Delhi government schools was as high as 98 per cent. 

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In a class of about 80 students, nearly one-third managed to clear NEET exam this time while about 5 students have got admission in IITs. 

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