Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh which is one of the four states in India selected by the Centre to carry out end to end dry run for COVID-19 vaccination, will conduct dry run on December 28 and December 29.

The Krishna district will reportedly carry out the dry run in Andhra Pradesh which is aimed at testing the planned operations and the laid out mechanisms for COVID-19 vaccination. It will also provide insights on any gaps or bottlenecks so that those could be addressed before the commencement of the coronavirus drive

The dry run will be used to test preparedness for vaccinating pre-identified beneficiaries from specified groups supported by Co-WIN, an electronic application.

The dry run will be used to test the COVID-19 vaccination process such as:


1. Planning and preparations including prerequisites for the vaccine introduction as per the operational guidelines.

2. Creation of facilities and users on Co-WIN application.

3. Session site creation and mapping of sites.

4. Health care worker beneficiary data upload on Co-WIN.

5. Receipt of vaccines by the district and vaccine allocation using Co-WIN.

6. Session planning and vaccinator deployment.

7. Deployment of team members.

8. Vaccine and logistics mobilization at the session site.

9. Mock drill of beneficiary vaccination and reporting.

10. Review meetings at the block, districts and state and provide feedback to guide actions.

Objective dry run of COVID-19 vaccination drive:


The primary objective of the dry run of COVID-19 vaccination is to check:

1. Operational feasibility of using Co-WIN application in the field.

2. Planning, implementation and reporting mechanism.

The dry run is to be planned at 5 of session sites in Krishna district:


– District hospital / Medical College: GGH Vijayawada.

– CHC / PHC; Uppuluru PHC. 

– Private health facility: Purna Heart Institute.

– Urban outreach: PENAMALURU PHC.

– Rural outreach Prakash Nagar eUPHC.

Preparatory activities for the dry run of COVID-19 vaccination: 


– Earlier on December 24, a dry run COVID session meeting conducted under the chairmanship of Krishna district collector.

– On December 25, as per guidelines, 5 session sites were identified for the dry run.

– Team members for vaccination identified and list prepared and uploaded on Co-WIN.

– Health care workers beneficiaries identified and list prepared and uploaded on Co-WIN portal.

COVID-19 Doctors

– The AEFI (Adverse event following immunization) committee formed as per new guidelines.

– The AEFI treatment centres list prepared.

– Training for members on run planned on December 26.

– Inspection of session sites (dry run) on December 27 to check the logistics planned.

Process of dry run of COVID-19 vaccination:


– For each of the five-session sites, 25 test beneficiaries (healthcare workers) are identified for the dry run.

– These test beneficiaries will be present at the session sites for session site simulation.

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