Chennai: Customs officials seized a total of 3.72kg of 24K purity gold, valued at Rs.1.97 crore, from Dubai and Sharjah returnees. 

According to officials, Padma Balaji, 25, of Chennai, who arrived via Emirates Flight EK 544 was intercepted and frisked. A big Cadburys dairy milk chocolate was found concealed in innerwear.

The chocolate wrapper contained a plastic packet with 660 grams of gold paste. On extraction, 546 grams of gold valued at Rs. 28.7 lakhs was recovered and seized under Customs Act and the passenger was arrested.

On Wednesday (January 6), 12 gold paste bundles hidden in rectum were recovered from 11 passengers who arrived via Air India flight IX 1644. On extraction 2.15 kg gold valued at Rs. 1.14 crores was recovered and seized.

Five bundles of gold paste weighing 831 grams were recovered from rectum, of three Air Arabia flight G9-471 passengers, who arrived from Sharjah. On extraction, it yielded 685 grams of gold valued at Rs. 36.40 lakhs. 

A passenger of Fly Dubai Flight FZ8517 was intercepted at exit and frisked. Two gold paste bundles weighing 401 grams were recovered from rectum, which on extraction yielded 347 grams of gold valued at Rs 18.28 lakhs.

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